Application Forms

We have one general application form for you to complete, with the exception of the Sports and Recreation sector who must also complete following recent changes to sector funding priorities and criteria an additional questionaire (see below 4)). 
An information sheet can be accessed through the home page which outlines the changes to the funding policy of the Sports and Recreation sector and why they have been made.  
If you have any questions re applying please contact a Donations Adviser on 0508 266 878 or 03 335 0305

From 1 May 2015 we will only be accepting online applications..  

Online Application
apply online through the portal.   We have an Online Application FAQ available to help with any questions you may have.
Important Message for Online Applications 
When applying "online", particularly for the first time, please pay careful attention to the instructions on the home page flyer.
It is essential for you to complete the user registration information, prior to using the online application form by following this link